Stay tuned to celebrate the festive season with Google Doodles everyday.

It’s time for celebration , the new year and Christmas are almost there , Google is celebrating the first day of holiday with its doodle. Tis the season – Google has welcomed the celebration season with its colourful doodles. Winter time brings out numerous variety of celebration. Traditional way of celebrating a season is sometimes joyful nor neglected as it is no where in the trend. Caroling – it’s just the same joyful and rejoice old traditional method of celebration.

When we shift back to thousand years ago , carol were specifically sung to highlight a specific tradition or their traditional views. And yeah ! Carol were sung wandering minstrels on their travels between towns. Caroling spread across England and Western Europe during early 1800. During 1800 , the cities began hosting orchestra outdoor which played song for people to listen , enjoy and to sing along as they walk. Tis the season! is also an album of Christmas songs by Olivia Newton-John and Vince Gill. You can see colourful doodles merrily Caroling , meanwhile green one waiting for his turn holding a triangle shaped instrument. When Google user clicks on the doodle it takes to the webpage having information about ‘ Tis the season’. December 23 marks the beginning of vacation , just like every year now we can expect new doodles everyday celebrating the vacation. Along with the exciting Google doodles , have a great holiday season !

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