She Promised to Stay together Forever; Departed to heaven 5 hours after he Passed Away

Yes, Couples are made in Heaven and live together till they are alive but some of them are so true that they defy death are remain together beyond their existence. This is a true story about Floyd and Violet Hartwig who had been married since 67 years. They loved each other immensly and sticked together all this time. Time went by and they grew old together, so old that their health started deteoriating and they had to be taken to the hospital. Even there all they needed was each other and nothing else so the doctors decided to put their bed very close to each other so that they could stay in each other’s company all the time apart from being together at home. Doctors and nurses used to go absolutely speechless on looking at them holding hands. They said nothing, they demanded nothing all they wanted was to be together even on their death bed. Floyd’s health became worse and unfortunately he died but before that they promised that no one can separate them, not even death and they’ll always be together. Everybody knew that they cannot stay away from each other but after Floyds death they started worrying about Violet who couldn’t just imagine living without the love of her life. Never did they know that all the promises they made were to be proven true. Violet went on her heavebly abode 5 hours after Floyd passed away. They set an example of true love in front of all.This story about their true love made everybody speechless and tear-eyed at the same time and hence, it is going viral all over the world. Love is not just a bond, it’s a commitment, it’s a bond, it’s being together forever and Floyd and Violet have set a benchmark of this. May their souls rest in Peace in Heaven. They have actually become the synonym for True Love for all of us!! 

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