She is dying and no one cares.

It is choking. It is struggling for an identity. The language which enjoyed years of importance now lies there, dead and lifeless. It is Hindi. The language which gives people of India the main form of communication - just to be treated like dirt. Don't exactly remember when it started to evaporate, like water does in hard summers, but all we know is that the other counterparts of it are enjoying the monopoly of chauvinism in Indians. Our Hindi, yes Our Hindi, because there lies a sense of belongingness in that, long lost, in the race of universal pride in one's language. I have noticed how the people of other countries feel so proud of their language. The democrats, sports people, almost everyone always speak in their native tongue rather than blabbing the alien language because, for them, its a matter of patriotism. If you can't speak English, you better learn it or learn to become an outcast. That's it. I am not against English or other languages because I know what I am writing now is in English itself. I am a person who is an English writer but my identity is Indian, a Hindibhashi. I know for a fact that writing poems in Hindi gives a certain kind of happiness to the soul. Speaking with your friends in Hindi gives you a sense of satisfaction because you can't have that sense of belongingness in any other language. A 'Namaste' works absolutely fine against a 'Hey'. But the one who says 'Namaste' becomes an orthodox individual. When did speaking your own language became orthodoxy? I can't understand the reason behind that. And maybe I never will.

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