Royal Enfield to launch Thunderbird 350X and 500X on February 28

Royal Enfield is ready to launch two new motorcycles on February 28, which are the new Thunderbird 500X and the new Thunderbird 350X. The motorcycles are new versions of their old Thunderbird motorcycle series. There will be slight modifications and design alterations which would give them a new attractive look and better performance.

The new versions would be signified by the “X” in the end. The engines would be same from the other Thunderbird series. The new Thunderbird 500X would have a 499cc single cylinder engine with a torque of 41.3 Nm. It would also hold a 27.2 bhp. The other version 350X would be powered by a 346cc engine, also single cylinder which would power a 19.8 bhp and a torque of 28 Nm. The other parts include aa41mm front forks, agar charged rear suspension with a 280mm front disk brakes and 240mm rear disk brakes. The engines of both the Thunderbirds will be of a five-speed gearbox. This is the first time that alloys are put into the Royal Enfield. 

The significant difference would be in its design. Both the Thunderbirds would come with new designs. Some designs would be new handlebars which are lower than the old version. The speciality of the new handlebars would be that it would provide a better handling than it's old versions. will differ. The seats will be mostly single seated which will be a benefit for the solo riders. The wheels will consist of 9 spoke alloys which would carry an attractive matte black finishing. The tail lights will be LED along with the headlamps. For braking, disk brakes are being put both in the front and rear. For color preference, the 350X will mostly come in the red and white color, while the 500X will consist of a yellow and a blue. The distinctive feature of the new Thunderbirds would be its colored fuel tanks, the engine exhaust, and other small parts. The new Thunderbirds will be at a premium price and its price tag would be Rs. 1.90 lakh for the Thunderbird 500X and Rs. 1.48 lakh for the Thunderbird 350X. The prices are a slight higher than it's old versions. 

The new Royal Enfield Thunderbirds would mainly focus on urban cruising and hence they are presented in a more urban look. Although made for an urban setting, it would also provide its riders with a sporty experience. It is more likely to appeal to the young fans. The fans are very excited for its launch and can't stop to get their hands on it. Many have already booked it and are waiting for it to be launched. The new Thunderbirds would soon be visible on the streets.

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