Here comes the end of the era. And the pioneers of the early Internet era will soon undergo a perfect sarcophagus ceremony. Yes, I am talking about the techno-giant of early internet aeon, “Yahoo”. After spreading its wings in the year 1995 and took the complete world by storm. Once the most popular website in the U.S., Yahoo slowly started to decline since the late 2000s.

And then came the most insulting face for the company, when Verizon Communication announced its intent to acquire Yahoo's internet business for $4.8 billion. With a valuation of $100 billion once, it was really disappointing for the company to get acquired for such a slumped amount.

But the final disparage came when Verizon claimed that it will rename “Yahoo” as “Altaba Inc” once the deal is finalized in the coming days. Really, with in no time the complete identity of the company erased and the CEO and President Merissa Mayor had to take a hard step to quit the company after its acquisition.

1. But Why the birth of this acquisition is leading to demise of Yahoo?

Actually, it completely makes no sense to change Yahoo’s name to “Altaba”. But reports claim that Yahoo owns 15% stake in Alibaba and the reason behind the move to change the name is to sustain its past glory by making it a combination of the words “Alternative” and “Alibaba”. Verizon will actually be buying Yahoo’s advertising, email and media business. Adding to its insult, the patent portfolio of Yahoo is also being auctioned off separately, disconnected to the Verizon buy-in.

So, let’s bid adieu to “Yahoo”, one of the biggest techno-giant in the history.

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