Probe Ordered Into Islamic Preacher Zakir Naik’s Speeches

Maharashtra government on Thursday has ordered the concerned officials to probe into the Islamic preacher Zakir Naik's speeches. The Dhaka bomb which took place recently was very cruel towards the humanity and on investigation, the officials reported that the attackers were inspired by the speeches of Zakir. The Central government also promised to take necessary actions against the preacher if he is found guilty in any of such cases of encouraging and motivating terrorism.

Secuirity  concerned officials are deployed outside Zakir Naik's office of "Islamic Research Foundation" in south Mumbai. They are expected to stay there till the probe concludes with some result.

The Chief minister of Maharashtra according to scoopwhoop said  “I have asked the Mumbai Police Commissioner to conduct a probe [into Naik’s speeches] and submit a report,”

Every speech of Zakir Naik is examined very keenly all through the probe along with some social media accounts and the sources of funding towards Zakir foundation.

 Zakir responded to the probe saying “There is not a single talk of mine where I encouraged one to kill another, whether Muslim or non-Muslim.”

 Hope the probe continues with no mercy towards any person who encourages terrorism in the name of religion. 

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