Pellets in Kashmir

The unrest in Kashmir has always been lethal. The protest followed by the death of Burhan Muzzaffar Wani, was controlled pellet guns.Report says that a lot of people have been seriously injured and many of them are suffering from eye injury and their eyesight may not improve.

Pellet guns are mainly meant to induce pain and no fatalities yet when fired from close range the prove to be extremely lethal as they can penetrate soft tissues like eyes. It was introduced in 2010 from then on it has been mainly used in Kashmir valley.

Made of metal, they may or may not be covered by a 1 or 2 mm rubber coating to minimize impact. But this is not to say that a rubber covered pellet, or a rubber bullet as it is commonly referred to, can’t kill.1.4 million pellets are known to be fired by CRPF which make it a disaster.

The big question is why it is only used in Kashmir and no other states where communal unrest are common.

1. Alternatives

The case regarding whether to use it or not is still in the court and it’s time to go for an alternative. Rubber bullets may prove a good alternative. Israeli soldiers are known to use rubber bullets at Palestinian rioters. Bolivian soldiers have used rubber bullets to target coca farmers. Some countries like Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan allow civilians to have rubber bullet guns for self-defence.

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