Paytm to Target For 5 Million Merchants Next Year

Multibillion digital payment gateway Paytm announced on Tuesday that they will target almost five million merchants to join the digital payment network of the company and thus contributing in digitalization of country and economy. After the Demonetisation in India effected from 28 of November 2016 by the government Paytm has received a huge user base in market.

According to the reports Paytm has already included almost about two million suppliers and merchant in its network after demonetisation. Paytm on Tuesday also confirmed the launch of new security feature in the Paytm gateway from both the Client and Server side and thus to both costumers and suppliers or merchants.

The company is also working on features in which the merchants using Paytm payment gateway can built a direct contact with the suppliers and hence a win - win situation for all. Already the company have added many new features in last few weeks. The company has already gave a shot and launched its mobile Application with some of regional languages of India like Hindi , Gujrati ,Tamil ,Telugu and many more to be customised to application in future. And in coming year will hope to enhance its strength and connectivity in the Indian market.

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