New Facebook Messenger Feature Rolled Out In Market

The multinational social networking website Facebook has brought a new feature for its messenger application in market on 20th of December. This new feature is believed to be a Christmas gift for users from the company.

Facebook today launched its new feature in its Messenger application that will allow a user to chat in a video call conference with as many as 50 participants at a given time. Facebook also announced the detailed vision of this new feature in which the company stated that for the first six participants, the messenger application will stream everyone’s camera feed in the mobile screen to one another in a grid-like view. After the participant’s number has crossed six, Messenger will display only the main speaker’s feed on the screen while all other will be live in the background.

Reports suggests that Facebook will update its new feature out today globally for both iOS and Android version smart phones. Also while video chatting, the company will make sure that Messenger’s other functions remain the same. So as a user we can still send texts message, sticker’s emoticon, and other animations while video and audio chatting. That move from Facebook Messenger’s video chat feature will increase the competition in market as both Google Hangouts and Microsoft Skype video chatting have only10-participants limits on their video chats option. 

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