Matheus Saroli : The man who cheated death after forgetting his passport

 After the heart wrenching incident of plane crash carrying the Brazillian football club Chapecoense hit the news channels, it left a deep void in the game of footbal and its history. This incident is one of its kind and is very saddening for every football fans and players. The football team which was known by the name of Brazilian leicester and they reached the final for the first time since 1974 their birth. 


The reports are there that the plan crashed due to lack of fuel as the pilot didn't tell the authority and became responsible for the death of 73 people including the players, media persons and the delegation. But there is an interesting story of Matheus Saroli the son of Chapecoense team coach who narroly escaped form death or cheated death as he forgot his passport at home and was unable to board the flight and hence escaped from the incident which made each and evey person around the globe saddened.  After this the Chapecoense team is left with only three players ,one who was suspended the second was injured and third is Matheus Saroli which is a huge setback for the best Brazilian football club.

Lets pray for them and be with them in the moment they need us the most.

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