“Let thou shadows, eclipse the scars the wounds left behind, let thyself accept he closure, let thyself blow the candle, let the silhouette of the gone, lay in peace. Let shadows of summer replace those of the dark. let thou shadows last unlike those who own the scars.”

Often in our lives there comes a time, when we get shattered with the disappointments never expected. One such moment is enough to leave us hopeless and hapless.  Ironically the scars that remain at last, stay with us forever, indeed taking a toll on our present. The regret and lament simmers within in us and the soul finds hard to get an escape from the memories of the past.

This is a common scenario in life of youngsters especially when they realise the wrong decisions they took or when its time to start afresh after the rejections from life and destiny. They face a daunting challenge to let alone the past. The road they choose determines their career and at the end of their journey they realise the road taken was certainly meant just for them.

The lovely world randomly talks to the freshman in  lpu and it comes to light that many student share similar experiences and today have their own perception of the institute they are studying in.

Complaining about the high cut off list of colleges under Delhi University, Kratika Sharma said,” I wanted to pursue journalism from DU but couldn’t make it to high cut off of the course and this disappointed me a lot because I have passion for journalism. Then I got to know about diverse courses provided by lpu and seeing its past records and student placement structure i enrolled myself here. And i feel highly satisfied with my decision. The exposure i am getting is way beyond my expectation and the faculty is leaving no chance of any complaints.”

Taking pride in being a undergraduate of lpu, Rubika,a journalism student said,” the infrastructure is definitely majestic but the way we are getting educated here is also worth appreciation. The exposure we are getting is aplenty and there is no dearth of competition which drives us to aspire for ace in life.”

Endorsing the change in attitude, a law student, Sonakshi said,” before i joined lpu i was really paranoid regarding its crowd, ragging by seniors, faculty and course structure but as I have completed one month in this institute I can guarantee that I took right decision. The crowd is decent with supporting seniors and the faculty’s determination towards us adds feather to the cap.”

“After completing their high school it was time for us to choose an institute that would ripen us for our future endeavours but it wasn’t easy to make a choice. I had to pursue a professional course and considering the placement policy and its participation in national level academic and cultural affairs I chose to go for it.” said Shreya Chowhan of business school.






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