Its not always the government.

No matter how much incompetent or corrupt the government might be, the people who voted for them are a ton times more stupid. If there is anything wrong with the country the people are more responsible than anything else. Who is a good prime minister will depend from people to people.

For the poor and below average class the good prime minister is someone who keeps a curb on the prices of vegetables and other domestic products. When natural calamities strike and 100,000s of people are affected the government is trying to help them by providing free food and we don’t mind spending money from our pockets to help the people of our country. But to some, it might appear that the government is corrupt and trying to put money to his pocket. That’s the most they can think of their stupid brains.

For an engineering aspirant, a good government is that which keeps low fees for IIT's and NIT's and other great institutions. He does not care about the equipment and research cost the institution takes every year. Before choosing his job he does not care if his services benefit the nation or not. At the time of his placement he would simply pick the offer that pays him the most and suits him the most regardless of whether his nation derives anything from it or not. He thinks of himself as someone elite by cracking one those entrance exams but he does not realize that engineering aspirants are a huge fraction of the whole nation and it can’t afford to treat everyone special. Go take a loan and later repay it from the money you earn later.

For elite or any higher castes a good government is someone who does not interfere with their norms and traditions. For the so called lower castes a good government is that which would provide them reservations.

For the business class and celebrities they would prefer a government will some beneficial tax laws and so they would prefer a government that is more corrupt and liable to take money because that’s something they can offer instead of votes because they are less in majority

And for extremist hindus and muslims, well you can easily guess.

Well so many different people and so many different claims. And what does that tell you about democracy. You give power to the people and all they want is something for themselves. Not the nation but for themselves. Democracy is indeed the correct form any governance but any flaws in the country (and not governance) is a responsibility of the people as equally as it is of the government. And the government is fine. I am just 23 years old but anytime in the past I don’t remember the inconvenience occurred to me in the daily life for which I could hold the government responsible. Never did any of my friends or my family in the past or relatives were ever deprived of anything basic like education or food. And as far as the poor and extremely poor are considered. Well you don’t even know the names or locations of the tribes who have been living near your cities for ages. Yet it’s the responsibility of the government to care for them.



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