iPhone Siri Saved A Child Life Calling An Ambulance Instantly

Siri voice assistant was not expected to work well these days but suprisingly, it did it. Giana Gleeson, a child of Cairns of Austrailia was suffering from bronchiolitis and chest pain since many days.

In a incident reported by the Seven News this one year old toddler was suddenly suffering from a heavy chest pain and stopped her breathe. The mother Stacey Gleeson using this iPhone 6s rushed towards the child dropping the mobile at floor with a turned flash light. The lying iPhone on the ground turned a life saviour at that moment.

The panicked mother just cried with a loud voice saying "Hey Siri, call an ambulance," and also instructed to put the call on speaker.

Before she knew that the ambulance was on its way, the child was breathing and soon as the ambulance arrived the girl was given emergency first aid and made her breath again.

This spontaneity made to stand iPhone at a high diplomatic level where it is tend to be used in case of emergency


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