iPhone, Apple watch prices in India increased after Budget 2018 Custom Duty Hike...the dilemma of the phone buyer !!

Budget 2018 surely had some bad news for Apple fans across the country who were planning to put their hands on the world famous Apple phones which are also considered as style statement apart from the latest features they offer to their users.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in the budget had different plans though, he increased the customs duty on phones from 15 percent to 20 percent. Jaitley took this step to give a boost to the Make in India campaign initiated by our PM Modi. Jaitley through this hike is hopeful that the people will now be inclined towards buying locally made phones which are manufactured and assembled in India only.

Apple after the hike increased the prices of all iPhones except the iPhone SE ( the only iPhone which is assembled in India). The price hike saw an increase for up to Rs 3,210 while the Apple smartwatch witnessed an increase by Rs 2,510.

Now let's see the full list of new applicable prices on the iPhones :

    iPhone X: the 256 GB variant will now cost Rs 1,08,930 and the 64 GB model will be priced at Rs 95,390.
    iPhone 8: the 64 GB variant will be available at Rs 67,940 while the 256 GB one will cost Rs 81,500.
    iPhone 8 Plus: the 64 GB model will cost Rs 77,560 and the 256 GB variant will now cost Rs 91,110.
    iPhone 7: the 32 GB variant is now priced at Rs 52,370 while the 128 GB will now cost Rs 61,560.
    iPhone 7 Plus: the 32 GB model of this iPhone will now cost Rs 62,840 while the 128 GB will now be priced at Rs 72,060.
    iPhone 6 : this iPhone will cost Rs 42,900 for its 32 GB model and Rs 52,100 for the 128 GB variant.
    iPhone 6S Plus: the 32 GB variant will now cost Rs 52,240.

The Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 38mm will now be available all across India at a price of Rs 32,380 instead of Rs 29,000 and the 42mm variant will cost Rs 34,410 instead of Rs 31,900.

Lets now wait and watch if Jaitley’s customs duty hike brings good news for the Make in India campaign or the famous Apple iPhones continue their upward sales trend in the Indian markets. Keep watching this space for more information and updates on this trending topic.

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