Instagram to Provide Sticker’s For Stories in its New Update

Instagram is planning to roll out some new features for its story mode this Christmas. According to latest report from the firm, the company is planning to add sticker’s option on the photos and videos that are used for creating a story. Users will now be able to add stickers of Christmas, festivals Emoticons similar to Snapchat to their Instagram Stories. Users will be able to add key marks to their post such as weather, current time and location which will give viewers added information about the stories.

To access these stickers, users will simply need to tap the smiley face icon in the top right corner of the camera screen on their Instagram application. Selecting that now the users will be able to select a sticker for their stories. Users will have liberty to add and align multiple text fields over a photo or video and further resize them. The new update will be available on Tuesday for all iOS and android mobiles.

An added new feature will allow users to shoot and capture Instagram videos by press and leave analogy which is used in normal camera application. This will mean that user will no longer have to press and hold the video button for shooting videos. This new feature is called by the company as "hands-free".

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