IIT Kharagpur develops software to prevent train collision

IIT Kharagpur has developed an innovative software for electronic railway interlocking to prevent collision of trains. The new tool has been successfully tested by the scientists of the premier institute following which the train journeys would be much safer than before as it will prevent trains from colliding into each other.

Several IIT researchers said that this project has the potential to be further extended to study as well as to develop optimum traffic operation plans. Through RDSO, the Indian Railways has awarded 12 research projects to IIT-Kgp's Centre for Railway Research in the following areas like-

  • Analysis

  • Design of rolling stock

  • Infrastructure

  • Operations and maintenance

 Explaining the technology, Dasgupta said they have leveraged analytical tools used for verification of VLSI (very large scale integration) circuits to develop formal verification logic for railway interlocking systems.
Railway interlocking is a critical signalling system that prevents trains from conflicting movements by only allowing one train to take a particular route which has been locked for it. 

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