Did you know that begging was a crime now?
Apparently, in some parts of the world, it is.
A homeless woman, Jenny Dinmore, who said that she lives in the Julian House Homeless Hostel in Manyers street, said that she had been begging at Bath Magistrates Court.

She has been sentenced to prison and that too, for the second time in a year for begging.
On the streets.
She was subjected to a 3-year Criminal Behavior Order (CBO) for the same crime. But Jenny busted that order two times, on October 18 and then on November 19 when she begged in Upper Borough Walls. And for each count, she has been given 6 weeks of prison, a total of 12 weeks, when she appeared on December 21.
She is also fined £115 for victim surcharge.
How did it come to this?
Magistrates say that her crimes were a breach of her CBO and also due to her previous convictions; she has landed herself in jail.

When she was convicted on June 1 , 2015, she was one of the first people to get a CBO.
It banned her from begging in Bath City Centre and any breaches of it leave her liable for prosecution.

But two weeks later, she begged for money from at least 3 people which landed her back in court.

She has been given an eight-week prison sentence, has been suspended for a year and she was ordered to take part in a rehabilitation activity requirement.
And then in July 2016, she was jailed for 8 weeks when she begged and magistrates decided to activate her suspended order on the basis of her repeat offending.

Well, we never knew begging could be this bad.

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