We dared to use non-renewable fossil fuels like petroleum, coal etc. as our basic source for transport system but now it is time to take some measures if you don’t want to get back using horse carts and bullock carts for our transport as already our fossil fuel sources are getting thin.

Don’t worry we have got our ingenious scientists and engineers to care of such stuff. We are going to replace fossil fuels with batteries and magnetic powers. We have already seen electric vehicles moving on roads but we don’t prefer them because of their low speed and frequent charging needs. Believe me they are going to be super fast in a short span of time and we already familiar with their economical nature.

Magnetic levitation is a method in which trains are set to run with high powered magnets. In this trains hover on the tracks above ten millimeters with a great speed of 300 miles an hour. Even though it is not implemented in India yet, foreign countries do.

Elon Musk, an entrepreneur and inventor who is the man behind the digital payment service Paypal has proposed an efficient and faster travel technology –a 700 mile an hour hyperloop train between San Francisco and Los Angeles that would carry people in vacuum tube.

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