People earn lots and lots money. The actual purpose of money is to have a luxurious life. We all can have it with just white money but what is the use of black money. People want their next generations to have a luxurious life with no hard work, they just think their children and grand children should not shed sweat drops.

This is the biggest mistake they ever commit. Their children are not going to enjoy that black money they just remain as millionaires or billionaires with every luxury but no satisfaction. All they can do is safeguarding that black money bearing a lot of mental strain, of course no physical strain. When they are about to reach their death beds all they can feel is pain, when they look back at their lives they have got no achievements except those tensions and criticisms. They miss all the fun and joy in achieving something which you enjoyed. They never get a chance to prove or to become a role model to someone.

Money can’t provide satisfaction and joy it can just buy you luxuries which has no value when you don’t have peace of mind. Pass on values to your progeny that gives them good fame not the money.

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