Its been 30 days since demonetization has spread its wings in the economy. Though, stifling the citizens of the country but it is a step taken to counteragent black money in the economy. The worst affected group is none other than the opposition which has geared up in full swing to oppose this move to clean the system of blight cash.

Speaking to media outside the parliament today, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has labeled the move of Demonitization as the “biggest scam in the history of parliament”. He also stated that “if he is allowed to speak in the parliament then the Prime Minister will not be able to sit there”.

The parliament could not function properly on the 16th day also due to some verbal dispute between the government and the opposition. After the adjournment of the house, Mr. Gandhi stated that “An Earthquake will happen once he is allowed to speak in the parliament on the issue.”

Rahul Gandhi who is known for his sarcastic comments on the opposition, also said that “The Prime Minister is making speeches across the globe but why he is afraid of speaking in the parliament”. “I want to raise the voice of poor people, who are most threatened by this move” and “this is the biggest scam by Narendra Modi”, claims Rahul Gandhi. The Congress party leaders stated that “they are ready for a debate on demonetization in the parliament but the government has stepped out from the discussion”. No one knows the reality behind this blame game as it is in the womb of future. But surely, the sufferers will be our economy and the common people.

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