Demonetisation makes a wife helpless and makes her drag her husband on the floor!!

Government hospitals are meant to provide services to people who cannot afford to go to the money sucking luxurious private hospitals. Government hospital cannot provide luxuries but they should at least meet the needs or else the purpose is lost. But here is the story of a helpless wife, let’s have a look at it.

The wife of a man named Srinivasa Chary who was suffering from gastroenteritis took him to the Guntakal government hospital at Anantapur district. She asked the staff for a stretcher to take her unmovable husband to the first floor but the staff said there were no stretchers available. She begged them that she could push the stretcher by herself but they didn’t move. Having no other option she dragged her husband on the floor from ground floor to the first floor. There may be shortage of stretchers but the staff could help her to take him onto the first floor or the outsiders in the hospital could do it but no one gave her a hand to help, they just watched it like a movie.

We all think in the same way, when someone is suffering in front of us we just stay calm until they reach out us for help. Oh, that’s might be the reason we help beggars a lot as they ask us out but the sufferers mental condition will not be normal to ask you they will be under a lot of nervousness. As a human we should be sensible helping others around us sensing their needs and that is called humanity.

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