If you are a teacher then, this teachers day Chevrolet has planned something exciting for you.

The celebration would not end with the setting of the sun on day but would rise with each sun for full 30 days!

On this eve of teachers day when everyone is thanking their teachers for their selfless and indispensible service, Chevrolet, an auto-mobile company also sought to pay tribute to the teachers who build so many lives down the years.

Expressing their gratitude for the teachers, Chevrolet celebrated teachers day in a unique way, introducing schemes to make teachers feel special and honoured on the day.

 By launching special discount schemes, test drives and other offers for teachers across its complete range of cars, Chevrolet is all set to attract attention from customers as well as media.

The offer allows teachers to avail special benefits on Chevrolet cars for the entire month of September.

Claiming it to be a customer-centric approach applied to benefit the customer interest, Chevrolet is reinforcing its initiative, “WE CARE”.

Other initiatives that were integral to the celebration of teachers day were display of cars in Schools/Colleges/Institutes and launch of Test Drive campaign in Engineering, Medical, MBA and other professional institutes. The company had organised major events in 73 locations across in the country.

Well, to specify whether Chevrolet is adopting this strategy to create positive publicity or is just fulfilling one of its corporate social responsibilities is quite difficult.

Given, the celebration is going to linger on for a month and seems to be a big publicity stunt where through its pro customer initiatives and acknowledgement to teachers, Chevrolet will be in limelight for its initiative “WE CARE”.

Chevrolet has been quite smart in planning out strategies. Though the celebration will happen under the banner of teachers day but it would not only manifest a positive image of Chevrolet but would even give an impetus to its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Well done Chevrolet, this is what we call hitting the bulls eye!!!


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