Apple copying Android? Check out these 'new' features of iOS 10 that Apple borrowed from Android

The recent reveal by the tech giant Apple where it exhibited its latest software update for its operating system namely the iOS 10, attracted speculations that sounded more negative rather than being positive ones. Many even claimed that some of the features are copied or ‘borrowed’, as people put it, from its arch rival, Android. Apparently, many of these claims are not entirely false as it did copy some of its features.

Not to mention, that this scuffle has taken form in a period when Apple is facing many critical comments regarding its innovations with its new releases annexed with its losing market in its bigger consumers like China.

Nevertheless, here are some of the ‘new’ features that Apple borrowed from Android:

1. New lock screen with card-style notification

Since the launch of Android Lollipop 5.0 android users have been enjoying this feature, using the interactive lock screen to perform certain functions without unlocking their phone, which Apple users will enjoy with iOS 10’s launch as well.

2. Upgraded Apple Maps app with traffic info and more

Even Apple users have Google Maps downloaded on their iPhones. Well, with iOS 10, features like traffic information, additional stops en route and third-party integration all become available to the Apple Maps.

3. Artificial Intelligence enabled Photos app

Similar to android’s Google Photos, Apple Photos will be able to sort images and videos based on names, faces and places using artificial intelligence.

4. ‘Rise to wake up’ display

Already available feature to the Android users, now Apple phones also come with a screen that lightens up as soon as you hold it in your hands without touching the screen.

5. Siri now open to third-party developers

Just like Google Now, Siri will be opened up to third-party developers that’ll enable other developers to have their hand in Apple’s personal assistant app, so that others app will function using Siri’s voice commands.

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