Currently the state of our country is very delicate as there are many kinds of things are happening all around the country related to terrorist attacks. Today another group of such terrorists were arrested by the Special Task Forces in West Bengal.

 West Bengal Special task Force on Monday arrested 6 suspected terrorists. The police claim that these suspects were planning a terrorist attack in the country. It is reported that 5 of the 6 terrorists are named in the NIA charge sheet, in connection with the Bardhaman blast, two years ago. Though senior officials had assured that there was no need to panic, they had always to be more careful in order to keep the state safe from terrorist threats.

All the police stations had been asked to take immediate actions in the case of any suspicious activities, and security had been maximised in many public places. The six arrested terrorists are speculated to be belonging to the terrorist organisation Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen. Various teams of policemen had been tasked with remaining vigilant to stop terrorist attacks, which would target areas that expect heavy crowds. The entire country has been on high alert to prevent any further attacks like Uri.


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