America's Economy Trump Card

The efforts of the government and entrepreneurs is truly remarkable and a great attempt and they are no less compared to the production capabilities of any intellectuals anywhere else. However despite of all their hard ethical measures there are on some grounds where our exponents will lag behind by a margin that will actually seem small but could possibly be huge. If you are a boy you will understand this better. You are well aware of the population of this country and how much preference male babies are given and how much patriarchy rules. I have already explained how sex starved half the males are in my other articles titled “Why we are not civilized enough for true pleasure”. Sex starved or not but every good child goes through an adolescence stage and you know the traits it brings in a growing boy.

Now no matter how many innovations we try and create to export to other countries the one exponent that many countries and especially America has is the porn industry which does not even require any natural resource or even heavy investments of any kind. Now just imagine the small amount of revenue a webpage generates if you open it at least 2 pages (since the first page is the menu and the play the video you need to open another page). Now assuming the male population of the country, multiply that figure by your estimate. And this happens every day and perhaps every hour and admit it all of you have once in your life clicked on those enhancement advertisements or the ones with the webcam thing. Smartphones might have been a trend earlier but then there are Indian smart phone companies and Indian version companies of everything but for centuries to come their won’t be a porn industry and there is defiantly very surely no need for one, but regardless of that its consumption will always be of huge priority, its easily available and no one will ever know about it.

The very profitable part is that the turnover is huge because there are hardly any raw materials, resources or production units involved and also it will never be a thought because all the make in India campaign members will be shy to discuss it from an economic point of view and honestly speaking deep down no one wants it banned except a political party who would want to the vote bank of a conservative group of people. And you just imagined India all this time. There is the whole of middle-east Islamic nations and then China and many others. And regardless of any ethnicity or diversity boys will be boys. It’s a huge factor that is costing the country’s wealth little by little and well no one can stop it.

Thats one reason why porn is banned in North Korea.!

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