A Miracle - 101 Year old lady gives birth to a 9 pound baby boy !

The Guinness Book of World Record woke up to an extraordinary incident. This world is surely full on the unexpected and it proves so many human beliefs wrong.

The Italian miracle Anatolia Vertadella gave birth to a healthy, beautiful 9 pound baby boy at the age of 101. As surprising as it sounds, it is extremely astonishing and beautiful. After being a mother of 16 children, Anatolia was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 48 years old. Being a Catholic devotee, she felt as if she was useless to god after she couldn't procreate anymore. Well, Antalolia! That's some guilt you have!


Now, that's not something we should be stressing on. The main part is this wasn't really nature's foreplay, Anatolia went through a thankfully successful ovary transplant. Dr.Alexandro Popolicchi is the master hand behind making an old lady's wish come true. Though Anatolia refuses to mention the name of the clinic, it was reported that the surgery took place in a private clinic at Turkey, where European laws on ovary transplants do not apply.


Though the controversial operation bothered many lot, it actually ended up to be a wish granter and made one living soul in numerously happy to relive something she lost more than 50 years back.

Anatolia had found a father for this mission while she was searching online for a sperm donor.

"He is a Catholic, that's more than enough for me", she says when asked of the supporting partner.

"Do not get me wrong, I still love my deceased husband and desire to stay a widow until I leave this earth but I needed the seed of this young fervent Catholic to fulfil God's will", she adds.

It's indeed just a miracle for us to witness because at the end of the day it was Anatolia's wish, genuine support of an anonymous man, and a successful job by the doctor.


                                                         Well, who's to complain?




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