55 Cops arrived at Delhi CM's house to collect the evidences for the alleged assault on Chief Secretary

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal's residence under investigation by Delhi Police for collecting the evidence regarding the alleged assault by AAP MLAs on Anshu Prakash, Chief Secretary. Both the MLAs are in the Tihar jail and were denied bail & sent to judicial custody. Before the search conducted, Police contacted PWD to recover the footage of a meeting on February 19 when two AAP MLAs allegedly assaulted Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash during a late night meeting from Kejriwal's residence but all in vain.PWD didn't respond back and Police left with no choice instead swooped CM's residence in Civil Lines.

1. The CCTV footages may have been purposefully tampered

▪A team of 55 Policemen reached CM's house, searched everything & seized hard disk containing footage of 21 cameras installed at CM's house. When Police started investigating, Kejriwal left for a public function in west Delhi’s Bindapur mid-way during the search. ▪It was found that CM's house was painted fresh and the room in which Chief secretary was mishandled, there are no cameras installed. ▪ 7 out of 21 cameras were not working. ▪The CCTV footage obtained from CM's house appeared to have been tampered with, told the police to court. ▪They added that the timestamp on the clip did not match with the happening of events. ▪DCP Harendra Singh told the court that the footage will be examined by Forensic Science Laboratory. Since the alleged attack on the chief secretary, officers have not been attending the CM's meetings.

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