These Places in India have the actual fragrance of the Rich "Art and Architecture of India."

India is a country which is full of art and architecture and these developments in the art field are not new, they have been in the Indian blood since a very long time. India is very rich in heritage and no one in the entire world can deny this. The forts, temples, places, art etc are all well known globally and attract a lot of tourist from all over the World.

Well, if you are an “Indian Heritage Praiser” then these places are a must visit for you and yes, they definitely are as these places have a different aura altogether and you just can’t afford to miss them:


Located in Karnataka Hampi was once a beautiful village in Karnataka before the Mughals invaded it and destroyed it completely. Today though destroyed, Hampi stands among one of the most beautiful places in India. If ruins are like this then can you imagine this beauty in the complete form that it was in the past? Just out of the world right? It is located in Karnataka.


Jallianwala Bagh plays a great importance when it comes to Historical events in India before Independence. This place has the sacrifice of Hundreds of innocent people just because of the Brutality of the Britishers ruling us. Jallianwala Bagh is an evidence of the real struggle that happened during the time of British rule in India. It is located in Amritsar.


The epitome of Love Taj Mahal attracts a lot of tourist from all across the World as because of its beauty and also the story behind it. This epitome of love has 2 conflicting stories but all of the people believe that Emperor Shah Jahan got this made for his beloved wife. The white marble beauty can make anyone go speechless over it! It is located in Agra.


The Khajuraho Temple is one temple built many years back in India by the top dynasties of the Rajputs. This temple showcases the Beauty of “Sex” is one of the most ancient ways and sculptures. Kama Sutra is one thing that is reflected in the richest form in the temple. It is one of the most visited Temple in India. It is located in Gwalior.


This temple is unique as it is built in an inverted form. This was basically a step-well constructed by a King’s widow. This place is so beautiful because of the architecture, sculptures and making. Though not a very famous site but it is definitely one of the most beautiful and untouched historical place in India. It is located in Gujarat.

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