Get drenched in the breath taking world of South Korea.

Winter season always pulls us back to bed , we just feel too much to push ourselves out on a wintery day. But there are some coolest places on earth where winter season is a celebration. One such place is South Korea. Here are five reasons why you must be visiting south Korea during winter.

1. Winter festivals

Celebration during winter in south Korea pulls out all the back sitter at home , to indulge in partying. Korea hosts many winter festivals. One of the most highlighting festival is the New Years Sunrise Festival. This particular festival is celebrated all over south Korea in order to celebrate the first sunrise of the year.

2. Amusement theme park

Sounds like fun isn’t it ! Winter season are the best time to visit amusement park such as Lotte World , Everland and Seoul Land. Travelers will need to shell out 18,000 to 33,000 Korean Won ($15 to $28) for a ride-all-you-can experience in these theme parks.

3. Outdoor Ice skating

In most of the places in south Korea gets a ice skating rink. Most of the tourist and localities enjoy skating in the wintery season. There are rinks like Sangam World Cup Rink at World Cup Stadium Station and Olympic Park Ice Rink at Olympic Park Station opened during this season.

4. Skiing and Snowboarding

December month of snow , which creates a snow platform for fun sports like skiing and snowboarding. Place like Phoenix Park Resort, Yongpyong Resort, and Bear Town are skiing and snowboarding resorts are open for such fun activities.

5. It’s South Korea !

Apart from all the other reasons mentioned above , you must visit South Korea to experience the Asian culture during winter season. It makes your December vacation a memorable one ! So are you ready to get drenched in the snow fall in South Korea ?

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