Are you a TRAVEL MANIAC ? Check out if you have these traits.

Travelling is one of the greatest things in the life of a person and it’s very important for everyone to take a break. For some people working is a vacation because that’s their job, their job is about travelling. People who have the zeel to travel are really lucky as the curiosity to see more and more is something that can keep you alive. So here are some traits of a person who is an absolute “Travel Maniac”:

You would have a big collection of places you’ve visited: You just can’t stay at your place for long and that’s the reason you keep hunting places to make them your next destination, and hotels? You just can stay indoors for long. If you are somewhere out of city then you surely would get going and discover the place.

You would have a lot of Carry Bags: Well, you may have them for other purpose but a travel addict will surely have a lot of bag-packs as for different purpose like short trips, long trips, trips on cold places, trips on beaches etc. they will have a variety of bags for carrying in their destination.

You would have a “Next Destination” ready in your head always: Once you are done with one destination you’ll be ready with the next one. You just keep the list going on and hence, traveling is just a thing which cannot get out of your blood.

Experts: You are absolutely an expert when it comes to reading the maps, taking local transport, negotiating, roads, routes etc. you are a master when it comes to the travel needs and know how to handle yourself, your group and the situation when out of the city.

Knowledge: You have the best knowledge about the climate and the best time to visit a place. They are just the forecasters. They are the perfect guides for you!

Now you know if you are a “Travel Manic” or you know a “Travel Maniac”. They are definitely one of the best people you’ll know…! 

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