Travelling is something which ushers a plethora of experience one may add to its tally of life journey. You never know, life can make you meet with any challenge on your way but with every new challenge you will get spurred. And with this confrontation you start analyzing the façade of life. Besides these life experiences, it’s always amazing to travel in Indian Railways every time.

Now, while travelling in Indian Railways you will surely come across these people:

1. The Kirtan Mandli

Now, this is the group which will surely make your compartment be like A Vrindhawan Temple. Though those “Bhajans” sound pleasing to some people but surely some travelers curse those people for making a lot of noise in the compartment. But if you have an exam in the morning and mistakenly you have entered that temple then “I am sure God will lend a helping hand to you.”

2. The Expert Advisor

Now these are the type of persons who know everything from a pin to a plane. They can guide you on anything and have the expertise in every field whether it is related to health, relationships, career and everything that’s there under the sun. And the way in which they will narrate these things to you, not to forget the examples, you will at point doubt your inner self and will start to believe that they are right.

3. The Arnab Goswami

Well they are the ones who will start debating with you as soon as you say something that doesn’t match with their set of opinions and what happens afterwards is the war of words between the two of you which happens up to the point when you will either agree with them or you just drop your sword and call it a day because seriously they are not the one who will agree that maybe there’s something that is wrong on their part.

4. Bhaiya Yahan Koi Baitha Hai

Getting a seat in a local passenger train is something that you can count as one of the achievement in your life. Now you enter the coach of the train with only a few seats left unoccupied and you proceed to take the seat but suddenly you notice someone saying “Arey Koi Baitha Hain Yahan”. Now you are basically left out with two options one of which is to argue with this guy for the seat and the second one is to start searching another seat.

5. The Chatterbox

These are the travelers with an inner thirst to know everything about What’s going in the life of fellow travelers whether it is related to the marriage of their children or any new shop that’d been started in their locality. They just think of this journey as if this is their last meet and so they want to cover every topic that they possibly can.

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