India, our beloved country. It is full of colours and a variety of taste. When it comes to places, there are tons of people who tour our India.
Why shouldn’t it be? Our country has one of the most ancient cultures around the whole world. Its ancient aura lures people from all over the world and it makes it a very exciting place for sightseeing.
So, it might be a sub-continent to you with different castes and religions and cultures mixed together but to us Indians, it is so much more than that.

It is our home.

It is a great country for touring as well. It has got some excellent tourist places for everyone. Its products have been coveted by people from the entire world over.
From the textiles to the crops to the rugs to the dishware, India has long been known as the best area to purchase luxury goods. Not only that, it is  home to some of the first universities that ever formed and has come up with so many more further and also home to the modern Western number system.

So let us begin our journey to this fantastic place by viewing the top 5 best tourist sites in India:
1. Taj Mahal/Red Fort : The most impressive monument in the world, built by Shah Jahan for his wife, it is actually a complex and not just one building. SO make sure you visit this and look for yourself the impressive views and the extravagancy of it all. You can’t help falling in love with this palace! Sighted Number one Place in India.

2. MUMBAI: That’s right. It is the capital city of our country. Culture, business and entertainment, everything has its core in this city. India’s Hollywood, make sure to stroll through Bollywood. And hard to miss are the museums and the endless structures. And the food! Oh, the food! Think fo the heavens your taste buds enjoy and you still won’t be able to beat out the tastes lingering from the ‘wadaa paav’ or ‘paav bhaaji’ or ‘sev chaat’ or the numerous others dishes under the thousands and thousands of food stalls. Do visit Mumbai. The city of dreams!

3. TEMPLES: Our India, is a perfectly diverse nation.  With 22 languages recognized by the government, a lot of history comes with that diversity. And that my friend, is the reason why you see these many temples throughout India.
The Golden Temple of Amritsar is a major tourist attraction and don’t forget the temples of South India.

4. JAIPUR: Pink all over! Shopping, sightseeing and excursions. Jaipur is the perfect combination! Hawaa Mahal, Amber Fort, City Palace are just a few examples. And as far as shopping is concerned, this city has got the greatest malls also great specialty markets. Another significance is the Camel and the Camel Rides!

5. SAFARI/OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: The fun doesn’t stop here! Our country is home to mountains and deserts and beaches. India provides great number of Safari’s through the forests and jungles and lets us see a variety of animals.
Camping and rafting and Trekking and Skiing can also be placed here.

Check these 5 tourist places for sure!


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