This Video of a Guy Trying to Escape the Friendzone is so Relatable

You know there’s only one zone which is the most dangerous for guys in the entire world. It’s not the smoking zone but the FRIENDZONE. Over the ages, this zone has claimed a lot of love-lives of young bachelors. It is a well known fact that guys are usually the ones stuck in the Friendzone between the ‘more-than-a-friend and less-than-love’ confusion.

Since time immemorial, numerous guys have made efforts to escape the wrath of the Friendzone. This video uploaded by the Bakkbenchers, depicts the story of a man who is helplessly in love and would do or say anything to get out of the clutches of FriendZone. What continues is a long speech which is absolutely on point and very relatable. But unfortunately, you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.

Watch the video here:  

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