This how you can deal when you have hooked up with your boss

It’s just impossible to believe , how many people have indulged with this breath taking awkward scenario but yes it does happen. Maybe they would have hooked up with their boss on a tight work schedule night , when boss offered to drop them back home or maybe your colleague sitting silently in your neighbouring pod is trying to deal with the silent act. So , how do women’s handle this situation? A article published in Women’s health spoke about five women , who had indulged in hooking up with their boss. As the Christmas is around the corner , it would be so unpredictable for a employee getting highly drunk and spending that night with boss. They wouldn’t have shared any sort of chemistry not spoken anything about this, it would be so embarrassing.

But is it really okay with hook up with your boss ? According to sex and relationships expert, Dr Gabrielle Morrissey, it is “never” a good idea to get busy with your manager. It would be terrible and it’s just going to cause a huge incompatibility in your work place and in relationship too. And the highlighter would be it’s against workplace policies where sexual comments and flirting is prohibited. It’s completely fine if you have handed over your resignation and your boss is no more officially boss. The only possible way to deal with such regretful situation , would be talk to the person tell them let’s not do it again and agree to move forward. It’s important to not let this awkward or regretful experience to not affect work place dynamic nor healthy relationship. If you feel their is some sort of love emerging after this situation , it’s better you talk up and not let them affect workplace and your relationship too.

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