Sometimes mistakes are totally fine in a relationship

It’s not only that romantic gesture nor the romantic talks which builds up the relationship , even naughty mistakes and right time lies had a extra twist. It’s better to lie , rather blowing up a argument nor putting end to the verge of troubles. Being Mr Perfect is no more needed it’s totally fine when your gesture or a mistake will hold on your relationship stronger. Here are five mistakes , that is allowed to make in a relationship.

1. Right lies at Right times

If your partner is asking your opinion on his new hairstyle or about his new outfit , it’s alright to tell it’s pretty good even if it doesn’t please you much. White lies are perfectly alright !

2. Finding other people impressive

Do not put your mind into a emotional conflict , you people are social being , you get to see so many people in and around your life. It’s not bad in appreciating their beauty.

3. Putting your family first

It’s completely fine when you put your families in the first place. Sending time with your family than your loved one is not that bad !

4. Career comes first

Stop being guilty , if you feel you need to spend more time in your work or you want to be stay focused on your career and you might feel it’s worthy , then go ahead your loved one will understand it.

5. Not being the person your partner thinks you are

Your personality can be modified but you just can’t constantly stay with it . It’s totally absurd when you try to portray the characteristics your partner wants you to be.

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