She kneeled down with a Gold Ring and proposed him. She overcame all the stereotypes!!

People often imagine a Guy kneeling down with a ring as soon as someone says the word “Propose”. Why can’t girls express first? Why can’t girls kneel down if they wish to? Why can’t a girl propose a Guy with a ring? Why can’t a girl buy gifts for her guy? Why can’t a girl take her guy for dinners? Why does everything become a stereotype in India. People have made it a “process” of how a girl and boy can confess their feelings to each other.

According to me, anyone who is capable of expressing their emotions if they have genuine feelings towards something. Be it a girl or a boy, a relationship is not gender bias. Both of the people play an equal role in the balancing of a relationship.

Well, so here’s a girl named Veronica, she loved a guy since 2 years that they had planned everything for their future including the money management, their wedding venues and also their children’s name. They fought, they made up, they cried, they laughed and most importantly they “Loved” each other a lot! There relationship started off by Veronica proposing to him over a social networking aplication as they have understood each other a bit too much and hence, couldn’t resist falling in love with each other since some 4 months as they talked for the entire day and entire night revealing every bit of their lives. It had been 2 years of their togetherness so Veronica decided to do something for him and as a result she decided to gift him a Gold Ring from saving her entire salary for months.

She made a plan to gift him the ring and called all of their close-friends to a heritage property. She also called a photographer for capturing their candid and amazing moments together. Veronica then played a prank on him minutes before gifting him the ring. As she was a very moody girl she acted as if she had come to know something about him that will lead to their break-up right there and then and all the friends supported her acting. To proove that the situation is really true she even slapped him and that made him sure that something was definitely wrong. She called him in the centre of the destination with all the friends around and as soon as she slapped him She kneeled down with a RING in her hand and love in her eyes! He went all puzzled and nervous and hence, was not able to react properly but after a span of some seconds he bought his shivering hands in her hands when she slided the ring in his ring finger. All the friends cheered and everybody was extremely happy for them. Veronica with love tears in her eyes hugged him with all her force kissing his neck where he was still in Shock and surprise of the whole scene.

She broke the stereotypes as she knew that everyone who has a heart has the right to express themselves. She had a heart which was full of Love for him and she didn’t hesitate in showing it to him. Veronica knows the importance of Love and that’s its really importand to express. 

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