"SEX is important in any relationship" Here is the reason why??

Sex today has been misconcepted and people often take it lightly but what they don’t think about is that everything happening in your and around you has a reason. Though “Sex” at one point of time is an integral part of a relation (Lovers or Spouse) and plays an important role but youngsters these days want sex and for that they need a relation rather they should understand that sex is something very common these days as people don’t really understand the ethical importance of the same.

Any mature relationship would never “want” sex but they will “need” sex and that too with the partner they have. So basically what I am trying to say is that SEX has an important part in a healthy marital or non-marital relationship and these are listed as follows:

  • Sex creates the PASSION among you guys. It generates a different emotion between you too which definitely lifts up the relationship. Maybe not later but in the initial stages at the correct time.
  • Sex helps you to UNDERSTAND the sexual needs, desires and fantasies of your partner and from understanding comes sexual satisfaction which is also very important.
  • Sex helps you to SLEEP BETTER as after one reaches the climax of their intercourse their mind is relaxed and they feel a pleasing sense of being tired. Hence, the complete mental and physical scenario of your body helps you to have a sound sleep.
  • SATISFACTION comes with great sex and for great sex one should have the right partner because sex has the power to satisfy human wants regarding physical intimacy and also calm the sexual and hormonal greed of your partner.
  • Though an emotional BOND but sex makes CONNECTIVITY between two people completely just on the basis of being close physically and into each other emotionally!

These are some of the reasons why SEX is considered to be good element and also an important one in a relationship! 

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