Our generation as a screwed up mentality when it comes to love . Agree?

Love , yes love ! I haven’t done a course on life of love to give a great piece of advice , it just ran through my mind , we work follow a routine , enjoy weekends , spend a night in social media and jump into the same routine. What’s happening ? Are we forgetting something which is essential ? – love , don’t you think it’s the right time to think about Let’s start ,

1. Physically present, Mentally absent !

Yes you are there ! Posting your pictures on Facebook , highlighting your opinions on Twitter , Snap chatting , constant chat at dating websites – yes you are there ! Really there ?

2. Merry go Round

It’s all about the chase , meet someone new exchange glance , exchange numbers and overnight texts , couple of dates , get bored – lose interest Again the chase starts , meet someone new , exchange number and the merry go round goes round and round .

3. Love is no more blind

He is smart but he is skinny , she is cute but too chubby – oh but wait are you looking for casts to make a movie ? Why do you need so much perfection and constantly finding out flaws ? We must realize things more than the appearance , we are grown up and we live in developed society.

4. Let it go

People who are completely fallen in now , aren’t able to face the break up stage . Let it go ! Give your love another chance don’t numb your feelings .

5. Too many to choose

It’s a growing trend , we start looking for more better options , it’s totally wrong . Try to stick on either what you have . It’s not material to look for more options

6. It’s not the right time for us

Oh ! C' Mon when is the right time coming ? Are you finding excuses to stay out of the circle? At first place we have tight day with filled up routines and wen you find a quality time , you feel it’s not the right time. I would actually end it by saying , the idea of love is totally screwed up, this generation is afraid of being labelled and selfish to think about what’s happening around them. Love is not satisfying your adrenaline rush nor trend setter. It’s something more !

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