Mobile phones : Brand New culprit in ruining your relationship

60% of people in relationship are not really satisfied in the relationship , most of the time the reasons are finance, bad sex, kids but now the interesting problem added up to this list is , smartphones. A latest research conducted by researchers have shown the possibilities of breaking of relationship is due to the distraction caused by smartphone during partner presence. The research have found that the smartphones is the main culprit behind every relationship downfall. It is seen that a typical person checks is her or her phone for every six and half Minutes which means an individual checks phone for 150 times in a day. When you are in a romantic situation and approach your partner affectionately , if you find your partner deeply involved in their smartphone it causes a disturbance in the relationship. The researchers conducted a survey on 175 adults in romantic relationship from all over America. The adults were provided with a nine item Partner Phubbing Scale which that measured how often some felt phubbed by their partner due to smartphones. The survey also measured the quantity of users of smartphone in a day and appraisal of conflicts due to smartphones. The research also came up with how strong is the relationship and also highlighted various other reasons behind a relationship break up. Till date , total idea of technology as portrayed two different views , might be a greater advantage nor a disaster. Being a social animal , an individual can survive without a phone but not without loving people around us . So think twice before checking on your Facebook wall , while you are with your date.

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