“Sorry”, this word has found a top most position in our vocabulary. For every mistake we commit, “Sorry” is the first word mouthed by all of us. “You can’t help as this word has entered your genes”. We commit mistakes, people get hurt by our actions, then we go for apology, this has become a part and parcel of our life.

But Sorry! An apology is not enough for forgiveness. You need to put in an extra effort to stabilize the things to get the exact purgation. All relationships undergo some conflicts and difficult moments. There are many instances when your partner may feel disappointed, frustrated and offended by your actions. But some wounds are very deep that it becomes difficult to heal them. At that very moment the fabric of relationship will surely get threatened.

We have a lot of friends, we share everything with our best friends and often play a lot of pranks with them. But sometimes, our actions, our mischievous acts hurt our friends and we may lose our friends. Do you think that uttering the word “sorry” is enough when you do not understand it’s value. You never know how much your friend got hurt from your actions. The saying “To err is human, to forgive divine” fits perfectly in the present context. If you are forgiven even after committing unpardonable wrongdoing then trust you are very lucky, your friend or partner has a very big heart and now you have to make an effort to decorate the relationship. But for a number of couples, understanding their partner’s experience and offering heartfelt apologies is not enough. The wounded partner still has trouble moving on, and the remorseful partner feels stuck in purgatory, not knowing what more to do. In this case, both the partners need to sit together and clear out the differences. You need to understand that this decision can make or break your life. But still, if the wounded partner does not find it comfortable to give their relationship a second chance, then the other partner has to accept the decision and move forward in the life.

So, the ultimate mantra of relationship is to keep faith and trust in your relationship and more important is to maintain that trust and faith. Every relationship stands on these parameters and the bond between partners or friends gets stronger when the trust factor is maintained. You may have to prove the authenticity at various moments in your life. Learn to respect the relationship as it is a decorated bond between partners and always remember :

“Contrition is not the perfect treatment for Absolution”.

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