In which of the four couple type, do you belong to ?

In which of the four couple type, do you belong to ? There are various categorisation in the way you express a emotions , so as love . It’s very very very too many very ! Difficult to put the way you feel in love under a category. It’s true that , there is difference in every love story. The love we see and the love we feel as influence by external elements. No more a girl is waiting for her prince charming ! Instead she modify her partner into a prince charming or may be happy with what she have Thanks to the trend setting society , which thought the present generation , that there is no “ they happily lived ever after”. Finally here are some four categorisation of love , check out which one you belong to!

1. Magnetic field of love

You are damn crazy about your partner. You want your love to ever lasting but there is always a conflict in your romantic relationship. You fight to the extreme love but your passion pulls you back into love. When you hate your partner , you really hate them, when you are in love , you are madly in love. Despite lots of disruption , you people get pulled by together just like a magnetic rule !

2. Dramatic ! dramatic ! dramatic !

Individual in dramatic relationship tend to have lots and lots of ups and downs. They let external opinions to judge their partner. You may likely focus on all other factors but forget to focus on your partner you love. This would lead to a very big fight and later break up. You tend to feel negativity in your relationship always and finally end it up.

3. Social based relationship

You and your partner will share a social based relationship , as the interest and people you share are alike. Having common friends will make you feel more committed and feel closer. You just don’t bother celebrating your day with your bunch of friends. Anyhow in the long run , you will have to share things that is going to build the base for your love.

4. Focused on your partner

You love spending time with your partner , share your likes and dislikes , everything in this world you see significantly relates to your partner ! You don not let anything damage your love boat , you make decision together. You feel happier rejoicing every second being with your partner . This type of relationship as a very huge longevity. Do you feel like you fall under all the four category of relationship ? Never mind ! Ultimately your relationship is about you and your partner.

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