If you are addicted of dating information may help you to keep safe by fake dates.

Dating sites are getting popular day by day in youth as it is good for dating then bad too for security and privacy.

As we know that people get busy day by day they don't have time to love and to be in relationship with someone but they want to be in physical relation with someone after sometime.

To search for date people find many ways to have a date. One of the easiest way to search a date is "dating sites" which help to search local people to interact.

This type of dating sites is very useful for those people who live alone and for those who want to do sex but they don't have time for love and relationship. Dating sites have its drawbacks also which is dangerous for security and privacy.

It is a story of girl and boy who met with the help of dating site, they become friend after two or three days they decide to meet at girl place for date. When the boy reached at the girl place, she locked the door and two men already there inside the room, they robbed him and drop him in the forest the girl was the part of that plan to robbed.

If dating apps and sites is good sometimes it become dangerous too for you.

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