His Last Letter to her, second before he died will leave you Teary-eyed!!

Love stories are beautiful but when they end one of them completely gets broken and the other ones have different excuses to drift apart from a person.

Here’s a story about Aisha and Aman, they too loved each other way too much to ever go away from each-other just like most of us assume about our relationship. The two of them had been together since 4 years but suddenlt Aisha’s behaviour started changing and Aman could sense it which disturbed him. He used to often ask Aisha if there is anything that is botherinh her but everytime he asked Aisha got irritated and changed the topic. She started giving him less time, ignore him, avoid his calls, avoid meeting him but Aman couldn’t handle this downfall of his love life with the only love of his life as except Aisha there was no one he could call “His” in the entire World.

One day he insisted Aisha to go a movie date with him, despite of Aisha’s excuses he made sure that he takes her to watch a movie as he needed to sort things out between them as early as he could because this behaviour of Aisha was troubling him. During the entire movie Aisha didn’t say a word, didn’t hold his hands and didn’t hug him which was a common thing between them some months ago but Aman had a surprise candlelight dinner date planned with Aisha and he was sure that this wouldresolve everything between them.

As they came out of the thatre and and got into the car he saw Aisha getting uncomfortable as then also Aisha wasn’t talking to him. They reached in the middle of their way and Aisha asked him to stop the car and he did. Aisha asked Vikram that all this that he is doing will not lead to anything better but that’s when Aman handed her a letter and said that she should only open it once she get’s back home. Aisha crushed the letter and said that she didn’t want to stay with him any longer to which Aman started crying and beged her not to leave but Aisha was stubborn about her decission saying that she has lost interest in him and she wants to move on.

Suddenly Aman saw a speeding truck approaching their car at a fast pace and hence, he pushed Aisha out of the car seconds before the Truck collided with his car. Aisha saw the car and Aman burning in front of her eyes. She cried uncontrably and felt damn guilty about doing that with him. She went home somehow holding the crushed letter which Aman gave him and weeping non-stop. As soon as she opened the letter she was taken aback because the letter read:

“Please forgive me if I made a mistake knowingly or unknowingly. I love you more than my life because you are all that I have after I lost my Parents to that tragic accident. I can’t live without you. If you ever say goodbye to me then that would be the last day of my life. If you leave me, I’LL DIE FOR SURE.”

Never let go of the one who loves you unconditionally because you never know what and when life snatches the most precious things from you. Always value what you have because life doesn’t give you second chances. 

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