Guys, Please stop taking "Hints" from girls, they are capable of saying their own things & don't need to drop "HINTS" to communicate.

People nowadays feel very easy to Judge girls on the basis of theclothes they wear, the parties they go to, their lifestyle, there appearance, their friends and their schedule. Ofcourse it’s very normal to have  guy friends these days and it’s obvious to chill with them. We can’t expect a developed India while having a thinking like that of the 50s or 60s. Everyone is growing with time and it is important also but why does the thinking start runing back in the reverse order when it’s about girls? 

People these days have started a new concept of taking “Hints” from girls which is not actually provided by the girls but they think it like that. If a girls is laughing with you and leans towards you then that is considered as her wanting to be physically close to you. If a girl hugs you then that means she is getting provokingly comfortable with you. If a girl wear short clothes then that means she is easy going. If a girls wears tattooes then that means she is characterless. If a girl has a lot of piercings then that means the girl is easily available. If a girl from abroad comes to India people suppose her to be cool with sex anytime anywhere because that their “Culture”. If a girl is talking on the phone and laughing in the public then that certainly means she has a boyfriend. If a girl is smoking in public then that means the girl is a “Slut” (a new word in the market which is now used to specify girls ill of character). If a girl is going with a boy then that definitely means he is his boyfriend. If a girl goes partying at night then that girl is definitely searching for a bed mate at night. If a girl is drinking with her friends then that means she definitely must be a drug addict o something. Well, I have a question for all those people out there and that is : WHY DON’T YOU GO GET A LIFE? Who on the earth categorizes guys if they are found smoking, drinking, peeing or doing whatever in the public? Who calls him a characterless man if he is found cheating? he becomes a Superstud who knows how to handle girls. He can never get beaten by a girl if he does something stupid because that would make him less of a man but yes, he can thrash a girl because she lied. Right!

Girls are equally stable, independent, free and self-sufficient as boys are and no one, absolutely no one has the right to figure out their character on the basis of their attire or whatever might seem provoking to you! No dress, no makeup and no habit can provoke anyone if they don’t wish too if you don’t have a control over your thinking, that’s not our problem because we don’t go by your thinking nor do we care about it. We are absolutely complete with or without a guy and people should understand that.

No pack of cigarettes, no bottle of alcohol, no club, no car, no dress has the sign of “ONLY FOR BOYS” written on it so why does your brain flashes it every now and then? If a girl wants to have sex, she can have sex without your permission if she is wants to and is of a legal age. She has the right to everything as much as you do. One serious suggestion: “Get a Job, Live and Let Live”.

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