Five caring gestures to attract your loved one by your side.

Waiting for his birthday or anniversary , to blow him up with surprise. Talking about surprise , does surprise consist only of big gifts wrapped in red cover ? Nope not exactly , when you love your dear one so much , you will have to show it in each and every thing you do. Making them feel lucky to have you in life or tying them with your lovely gestures. According to you , it might seem like a tiny thing but I would assure you that , it creates a huge difference. Here are some five affectionate things that you can do for your partner

1. Road Trip

Have it been a long time taking your better half to a ride? If yes , set everything ready and hop on to a long very long road trip. It need not to be luxurious one , all that matter is a quality time with your partner. So , move away from your day to day routine and get into flight mode.

2. Unexpected gifts

Did you see him struggling with his old waist coat or thorn socks ? It’s time to remove you wallet and swipe your card. Get some cash out and surprise him with your unexpected gifts , gifts need not have special occasion. You surely know what he likes , so it would be a right idea to impress him with a perfect gift.

3. Party time !

Ask his closest circle to show up on the decided day and surprise him. Leave the housewarming aside, this could be any day of the week.

4. Stop nagging !

Do you find his wardrobe clumpsy or his study room dirty ? Stop nagging him to keep everything tidy and to clean up the mess. You know it’s not going to happen so why don’t out get into task . Maybe the next time you approach him to keep things right , he will make sure he does it , as he doesn’t want to leave you upset.

5. Quality time

Choose a weekend and plan out a schedule filled with you interests in common and enjoy a day with him. Make him feel he is important and shower your love on him. Go out for a casual dinner or maybe try out new stuffs together. At end of the you are the one who matters to him a lot !

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