Dear Parents, instead of motivating your girls to marry a rich guy motivate them to become rich and marry the boy of their choice

Everyone wants a lavish life-style for themselves. People want to have all the luxuries in life and that too at the peak and all of them comes from money. Money is a very important part of one’s life because in the world today people are getting more and more competitive and even rich. People who are not rich enough but are admirers of luxury assume to marry a rich life-partner and do whatever the hell they want to do of that money. Most of the time it’s girls. Well, I’m not saying that middle class family girl or low class family girls (according to society’s parameters) target rich guys and marry them but the thing is that everybody wants to stand out of the world and afford things that others wish for.

Indian Parents wants their daughters to settle up properly so that they can have all the things in life much more than what they could give to her. The families who have no problem in the caste and all have a wish to get their girls married to rich boys so that they can be “Happy”. I don’t know what makes them think that money brings happiness or probably the things which give happiness. I don’t blame them as no parent in the world wants their life to suffer and see them crave for money but yes, as it is a changing world I would request all the parents out their to motivate their girls to “become rich” and then marry the boy of their choice if they really think that happiness comes from affording luxuries.

I agree that luxuries do make life simpler and happier but fine. I cannot deny the thinking of parents as I probably cannot think about from their point of view and I am sure that they have a lot of things going on in their mind when they say something like that but I would request them to think about love and happiness for once. Because today, money is easier to be found than happiness and true love and trust me, if your daughter has a guy in her life who is in true love with her then there is nothing like that.

“Don’t motivate your daughters to marry a rich guy. Motivate them to work hard, become rich and then marry the boy of their choice”

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