Are you on the verge of losing your love? Here is what you should read once!!

Though you hear people saying it’s horrible in being a relationship or you yourself would have experienced what a relationship could be like , but the irony is “ we don’t give up “ We need someone to make us feel a completely different person in love world. Do you agree with me ? Everything is so perfect , but the perfect person adds a little more spice into your life to make it more perfect , and it makes you happy indeed

But what , in middle of a long love happy trip , you find you no more require that person in your life. The reason might be something which is really strong which you just can’t erase it from the way. But most of the time it’s just your laziness and egoistic behaviour. It’s lots and lots of ego which makes you so immature and you forget to treat your partner in a right way. You just don’t feel it’s your responsibility to give your concentration in their life. It’s just not that you don’t love them , it’s just you don’t feel it is required.

It’s just unbelievable when someone with whom we share everything you are and you wouldn’t know what the world would be without your partner. One day turns into a stranger, maybe life has something different for you both. Maybe things would be much different without them or with them.

Stop blaming ! Just think what went wrong , maybe it’s just you didn’t give enough space , a call or a text would have made it more lovable. So it’s just we all make mistakes , some of us move on but it keeps still bothering , but the mistakes we made in losing our love of life , is top of our bothering list. Maybe a bit more time or if you have removed your egoistic cover things would have been much better. Don’t let simple elements destroy your love life !

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