A "RELATIONSHIP" is the most beautiful thing only if you realise it.

Relationships are Lovely only when you realize the worth and importance of them in a true manner. It takes the harwork of both the people in a relationship to keep on going and the neglegence of any one of them becomes a spoiler. Lucky are the people who accept each other in the most raw form and change each other for the good and stay together no matter what.

Let’s talk about a common relationship of a girl and boy. The best thing happens to you when your boyfriend or your girlfriend is also your best friend. I have people in my friend circle who are the real “Relationship Goals” for all the singles out there. They look amazing together because of the following things:

  • They are absolutely addicted to each other
  • They feel the most comfortable in each other’s company
  • They know how to handle each other
  • They know the likes and dislikes of each other
  • They understand even the smallest gestures of each other
  • The don’t need words to understand each other
  • They can talk anything with each other without the fear of being judged
  • They always have each-other’s back
  • They look very cute together
  • They motivate each other
  • They love each other
  • They support each-other’s dreams, goals and aspirations
  • They are much beyond just physical intimacy as its their soul that is connected
  • They seem like best friends

This makes a relationship beautiful and more than that the relationship becomes a bond which is very strong as it has the input of care, will, commitment etc. put in by 2 people at the same time. 

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