Your Past Life stores something magical for you.

The concept of “Past Life” is a taboo for people as many of us believe in it and many of us don’t. The people who believe in it have their reasons and the people who don’t also have a reason. There is nothing right or wrong in the world, it’s all about perception. Something which may be right for some maybe wrong for others and something that is right for some might be wrong for other.

To cut the explaination short, Past Life theories have scientific justifications as well. All thanks to Dr. Brian Weiss who takes the help of hypnotism to make the people reach to their past which is not just all that happened in the past but also all that happened in your previous lives. I am a reading enthusiast and such topics interests me.

Here are some of the things that I learned about the past live theory that came as a surprise and shock to me but also were a great feeder to my hunger to know more about the entire concept. Some of the things that I understood from his books are as follows:

  • The phobias that people face in their present lives has a great influence of the past life of that person. If a person dies by drowning that there are 99% chances that he/she will be have the fear of water in their next lives.
  • The people who get close to you at some point of time in your lives have played some or the other role in your previous lives as well.
  • People may have flashes or a sense of already knowing something after seeing certain things or being in certain situations that have already happened in your previous lives.
  • At times things that have happened to you, around you are seen in your dreams.
  • The family members of your previous lives might be your family of the present life as well. As the soul never dies it’s just the body that changes.
  • Discovering about your previous lives may help you heal in the present life and get free from your fears and phobias.


These are some of the most intersting things I came to know about the concept of “Past Life” after reading Dr. Brian Weiss’s books. People who believe it may do it instantly but people who don’t believe in the concept at least get to know something new and extraordinarily interesting!

I do Believe!

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