What are we REALLY gaining today?

What are we REALLY gaining today?


Do you remember the time when summer holidays advanced upon you?

Do you remember the feeling of waking up really late to the hot and delicious breakfast your mother served you?

Do you remember the games you played with your friends all evening long before you got drained of energy?

Do you remember the homework and projects you did with the help of your family members because it was more fun that way?


But now, everything has changed.

The world is forcing you to change it.

Now, it is the holidays but you are not waking up late and carefree. You are waking up really early because you have got your Dance classes or your Art classes or your Karate classes.

You no longer eat the homemade food your mother cooks because you are out all day.

You don’t play those games anymore because you can’t. (Not because they are not fun anymore.) You haven’t got the time for it. Now you are drained of your energy learning about every kind of equation that is going to help you fight your battles of life: College, Career, Job, Salary etc.

Now the homework isn’t fun. Nor is your Grandfather capable of helping you out with it. (Unless, he is a teacher himself)


Now the holidays aren’t fun anymore. They are more or less the same when they aren’t there.

So, what did happen? Did “life” really happen?  Where have the holidays gone?

I’ll tell you. The same place where your childhood went. And they are not coming back.

Because no matter how much you reminisce in those glorious days, everything changes. Nothing is for forever, you know.

Your schooling, your friends, your parents, your looks, your job and most importantly, your life.

It will keep on changing. What then, remains?

Your education.

Whatever you learn lives with you.

So, the answer to my post is: We are gaining learning and education.

I am not talking about the kind of education where you have to explain what kinds of wires are used in AC and what in DC. I am talking about the education where you explain to yourself that even though you are in a pretty bad situation right now, you were taught never to give up, you were taught to be strong, you were taught to pick yourself up from the ground.

Because nobody else is going to do that for you. You are your own saviour, your own protector, your own guide.

You have to make a living using your own potential and not anybody else’s’.

Once you realize this, realize how important education is.

Realize that life is too short to enjoy it lazily like the kid in you used to do.

So, when life gives you books, catch them. Catch them and read them. Read what you like. Just keep on grasping information. Keep on learning.

Because my friend, Education is what has survived in the mankind today. Let it consume you too. Let it consume your life too.

When life gets real, you get serious. 



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